Star guests

Again and again, we are able to welcome star guests to our establishment. These guests are not classic celebrities per se, but rather culinary experts who help us to add a special sparkle to the events that we organise for you. We would like to introduce a selection of these guests to you.

Stefan Marquard – the “culinary buccaneer”, star chef and TV cook dazzled our many guests at the “Markt der Genüsse” (Good Food Market) in July 2013. Down-to-earth and friendly, he chatted with young and old, posed for photographs and of course avidly signed autographs.

Andreas Vogel is undoubtedly one of the top German confectioners and chocolatiers. His delicious creations can be admired and tasted at his café “Café Vogel” in Braunfels. At the “Markt der Genüsse” (Good Food Market), he and his team were responsible for the first-class desserts. Hessen’s regional TV station “Hessisches Fernsehen” also discovered his talents and showcased him several times. By the way, during the little free time he has, Andreas Vogel likes to come and eat at Klosterwald with his family.

Dr. Dodo Liadé is our expert when it comes to African cuisine. Between the courses of the festive “Africa Menu”, the incredibly personable cookery book author from the Ivory Coast loves to tell interesting stories from the kitchens of the “Black Continent”. His audience, our guests, are fascinated. What else could you want?

We are already looking forward to seeing him again at the event “ENDLICH WIEDER AFRIKA” (Africa is finally back again)!

Hartmut Jabs is the absolute barbecue king. Even faced with a rush of hungry guests, as was the case at the summer party, he and his team kept their cool. For him, it’s also all about the quality of the barbecue food – and you can definitely taste it!

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