Extracts from our current menu


Hearty liver dumpling soup

“Bavarian-style”                                                5,20 €

Consommé of beef

with home-made bone-marrow dumplings                            5,20 €


Lamb’s lettuce with Balsamicodressing

and roasted cores                                                       7,20 €

Beef Carpaccio seasoned with traditional “Frankfurt herbs”

on a bed of mixed salad – with parmesan shavings                           11,90 €

Goat‘s cheese in the bacon coat with pumpkin chutney,

wild herb salad and butter toast                                                           11,60 €

Main-Dishes with* – including mixed salad

Classically full cattle beef olive from the casserole

with mashed potadoes and red cabbage 15,90 €

*Swabian-style pork

Pan-fried medallions of tenderloin pork in a creamy mushroom sauce

served with home-made “Spätzle” (Swabian pasta)                                                   17,90 €

“Wiener Schnitzel” – (Shred)  from the calf’s back

with  fried potatoes and cucumber salad                    18,90€

*Pan-fried calf’s liver with fried onions

served with creamed potato and marinated apple wedges       18,90 €

Tender grilled Rumsteak *

with scraped horseradish and wedgespotatoas    23,90 €

“Strindberg” steak and onions

Tender pan-fried rumpsteak with an onion and mustard crust

served with sauté potatoes and salats of the saison                                     22,90 €

Whole fried trout with roasted almonds,

meldet butter, served with potatoes and salad                16,90 €

Our Asparagus . . .

. . . comes from the Wetterau. It is characterized by particular freshness and the strong taste of the soil there. Due to the even temperatures of the soil, it grows a bit slower, but it is very tender.

Cream soup from the Wetterauer Asparagus                                    6,90 €

Portion of Asparagus with Black-Forest-Ham,

Serrano-Ham and cooked Ham                                                         23,50 €

Portion of asparagus with a “Wiener Schnitzel” of veal                   26.90 €

Portion of asparagus with a tender rump steak from the grill         27,90 €

Portion asparagus with crispy pike perch and Frankfurt herb foam 26,50 €

To the asparagus dishes we serve “New Potatoes”,

Sc.Hollandaise or Sc.Béarnaise or melted butter

Vegetarian dishes

Home-made “Spätzle” (Swabian pasta) with a cheese crust

fried onions and mixed salad                                                          12,50 €

Fresh mushrooms baked in bread crumps

with salads of the saison                               12,50 €

Big baked potato with saur creme

baked cheese from sheep and leaf-lettuce           12,90 €


Strawberry and mango salad

with vanilla ice cream                                                           7,90 €


Consommé of beef

with alphabet pasta                              4,20 €

2 Frankfurter sausages

with French fries and ketchup             7,00 €

Funny fish shapes with French fries

and a mixed salad                               8,90 €


with French fries and salad                  8,90 €

Breaded chicken breast

with a tomato sauce and pasta                 9,50 €

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