The riches of the Wetterau region

In the Wetterau region, we are very fortunate to have one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in Europe right on our doorstep. The fertile loess soils offer ideal conditions for growing high-quality products and many regional producers take advantage of these conditions to grow excellent vegetable and fruit specialties – all with a great deal of love and responsibility. This is the basis for our fresh, regional cuisine, allowing you as our guests to also enjoy the gifts of our wonderful countryside. Simply the cream of the crop – our philosophy couldn’t be more fitting!

Local partners

Buying locally produced food is a growing trend for more and more people. For us, this trend is already a tradition. Lamb from local shepherds or venison provided by hunters from nearby forests have been on our menu for years.

Conversely, beer from Flensburg or potatoes from Egypt are now taboo! This has allowed the freshness of food produce to be placed much more in the spotlight and – quite incidentally – helps avoid environmentally harmful transportation.

Since 1962 we have been sourcing our own high-quality water from a 41-metre-deep well.

Local Partners:

Bernsfelder Bauernbrot
Familie Loth und Weber

In accordance with ancient tradition, our bread is made with natural sourdough and home-grown rye before being baked in a wood-fired stone oven.

35325 Mücke-Bernsfeld

Our game meat (venison) is sourced exclusively – depending on availability – from local hunters.

Fischzucht Wetterfeld
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Bio Geflügelhof Scharmann
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